Illegal Supplements in the NFL

I’m taking a break from writing directly about my fantasy team.

I want to talk about an issue I’ve seen more and more talked about in the media recently. Illegal supplement use in the NFL.

This article from peaked my interest, “HGH use ‘rampant’ in NFL, according to report”.

That post opens with the following:

An anonymous NFL player estimates that 10-15 players on each team are taking the performance-enhancing drug. Will the league do anything to stop its usage?

That’s an incredibly high number if it’s anywhere close to accurate. And besides illegal supplement use, there are a host of ‘not yet’ illegal supplements which players can use which might have unknown banned substances in them. Over the counter testosterone boosters, take this muscle rev xtreme review as an example, or check out thisĀ maximum shred price. It promises muscle growth and improved performance, as well as a host of other benefits that come with increasing ones testosterone.

Joe Rogan had Jeff Novitzky on his podcast. Jeff just took started working on the new program to clean up illegal drug use in the UFC. I’m leaning toward something like this being implemented in the NFL