Backfield Fantasy Football Projections 2016

Two posts in two days. I’m on a roll and happy my site is off to a consistent start. Anyway, enough about my ego and personal aspirations. Let’s look at some backfield projections for 2016

There are 32 teams in the NFL. In a post, direct from, they have this to say on the backfield selection topic:

“Running back is the most important position in fantasy football.”

A lot of you out there might disagree with that statement, but it’s awfuly tough to win a league championship with a mediocre or bad backfield. Just ask anyone who drafted Montee Ball or Zac Stacy last season.

What are your thoughts? I was fortunate to have neither on my draft last season.

Michael Fabiano, the author of the post continues:

Below is a list of all 32 teams, including projections (carries/touches) for their top two running backs. I’ve also included team run percentages from 2014 in the case of teams with incumbent coordinators, with data on how new coordinators have handled the run in previous stints at the pro or college level. You’ll also find a FPPT (fantasy points per touch) average from 2014, which can help you do your own fantasy point projections based on the prognosticated rush attempts and touches.

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Thank you Michael.

Alright, I have some reading and analysis to do.

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