Finding the Best Players for your Fantasy Line-up

I’ve been trying to perfect, or at least improve, my system for finding the best players, and in turn the best fantasy football team.

Till now my means have been quite passive or lazy. I love watch football and watch copious amounts of games. So I feel, or have felt till now, that I know my stuff. Consuming so many games has given me descent knowledge over the domain.

However there’s another level I’m sure. People are doing far better in fantasy football than I, and I’m sure it’s not just because they watch more game time hours than me. So I’m casting my knowledge net further afield and undertaking some ‘serious’ research.

Step 1: Bleacher Report

A rock star sporting site, I’m sure you’ve all heard of, with a section dedicated to the NFL. And, lucky for me, they just released this article, B/R NFL 1000: Ranking the Top 1000 Overall Players.

I’m doing to chow down their info, pay attention to their selection process, and see how mine matches up.

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